The horrors of cleaning my stuff

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The horrors of  cleaning my stuff Empty The horrors of cleaning my stuff

Post by Hammer's Africaners on Sun Feb 22, 2015 7:08 pm

The Horrors of Cleaning the Man Cave.

Over the summer I decided I would dust, clean out and check for critters (bugs, lizards and mice) in my hobby room, the man cave or as my wife and daughter call it the dolly room.

My room isn’t that big, about 9” x 16” with a workbench on one end and industrial shelves along both sides. It is sealed off on one side of my garage, still being able to park two cars in the garage. But must of my stuff is on display along with a light coat of dust. So I knew I could not do it all in a day or two, so one by one I took my vehicles outside to dust them off during the late summer and winter season.

After cleaning most of my vehicles,

WW II Americans-3 Stuarts, 3 jeeps, Scout Car, 2 dodge command cars, 1 dodge cargo truck, 1 motorcycle all loaded with gear and crews and a bunch of loose figures.

WW II Germans- Panzer III, Panzer II, Flak halftrack, 2 sdkfz 250 halftracks, 2 kettenrads, 5 kubelwagens, 6 motorcycles w/sidecars, 2 motorcycles, 3 trucks, 5 flak guns, 1 howitzer, 4 antitank guns all with crews and gear, and a large amount of loose figures.

WW II Italians- 1 truck, 1 motorcycle, 1 anti tank gun and a bunch of figures.

WW II British, about 20 figures

Vietnam ears American- 1 helicopter, 2 jeeps, about 20 figures

And a crap load of other stuff.

I discovered my two rubber legged figures that I had in shorts and them had seated in my half-track their joints busted through the rubber knees. Lesson learned keep those legs straight until a photo shoot.

When I slided sideways and moved one of my sdkfz 250 halftracks off the shelf the edges of three road wheels shattered and lost small pieces of the edges. Fortunately they were on the inside set and the damage though light cannot be seen.

Some things I had glued on vehicles popped off or broke off during transit from my hobby room to outs where I was dusting them off. Even sent some pieces into orbit well cleaning. I was lucky and found all the pieces and glued them back were they went. Elastic straps were replaced since they lost their strength with cloth straps.

The best part was I learned were I had put almost everything, also that I found no evidence of mice, lizards, snakes and just a few bugs. No spider webs or anything like that. No sagging tires, that look like they might be going flat. Rearranged everything to make my room for more stuff of course. Just will have to keep a better eye on things in the future.

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The horrors of  cleaning my stuff Empty Re: The horrors of cleaning my stuff

Post by Halftrack1 on Tue Feb 24, 2015 9:56 am


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The horrors of  cleaning my stuff Empty Re: The horrors of cleaning my stuff

Post by Adler on Sat Dec 10, 2016 7:33 pm

I have been cleaning my collection removing dust cat hair etc.  It's very tedious, I used a wide artist paint brush to reach inside of one kublewagen that was especially dirty.

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The horrors of  cleaning my stuff Empty Re: The horrors of cleaning my stuff

Post by Ostfront43 on Sat Dec 31, 2016 12:18 am

Oh yes, I know that feeling also. Elastic doesn't hold up over time. Things dry rot, or tear easily. Thing I hate most is things painted or weathered and seprate from each other.

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The horrors of  cleaning my stuff Empty Re: The horrors of cleaning my stuff

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